Viva Italia

All the best of Italy put together in one glass.

Espresso Martini

As it is, or with a tequila twist.

Naked Mule

A lovely mix of scotch whiskey and Ginger Beer.


The swedish take of a well known cocktail with a similar name..

Cucumber Fizz

Gin shaken with cucumber, lemon juice, simple sirup and egg white, topped with soda.

Pisco Sour

A South American classic.

Asian Lover

Rom, mango, lemon och coriander.. and a pinch of cinnamon.


Honey, ginger and lemon shaken up with scotch and a touch of smokiness.

Monkey Sour

The gin sour made with Monkey 47 and a touch of Aperol.


Blackberries. Not to sweet, not to sour..

Good Ol´ Times

A lot of herbs and citric freshnes!


Think raspberry/liquorice lollies ..


Home made raspberry puré, flavoured rum, and a dash of 7up, tasty!

Fläder Collins

Handpicked french elderflower liqudized with gin and lemon.

Bloody Mary

The lifesaver for those days.

Passion P 129/153

Fruity energiboost powered by Red Bull.

Vodka Red Bull

Absolut vodka & Red Bull. Perfeclty served.


The cuban classic.. Classic, raspberry or strawberry.

Mojito Royal

The upgraded version of the one above. Dark Rum and sparkling wine gives it a great touch.

Frozen Margarita

Tequila Blanco, fruits & berries. Chose from raspberry, strawberry or lime.

Frozen Daiquiri

Rom Carta Blanca, fruits and berries. Chose from respberry, strawberry or lime.



Irish coffee
Jameson, farinsocker, kaffe & grädde

Kaffe Karlsson
Baileys, Cointreau, kaffe & grädde

Spanish coffee
Likör 43, kaffe & grädde

After Eight
Minttu, Kahlua, kaffe & grädde

Mexican coffee
Olmeca Tequila, Kahlua, kaffe & grädde

Kaffe Calypso
Bacardi Black, Kahlua, kaffe & grädde

Varma drinkar

Choko Minttu
Minttu, Eau de vie, chokladmjölk & grädde

Romerska Bågar
Baileys, Cointreu, chokladmjölk & grädde

Xanté, chokladmjölk & grädde

Cognac, chokladmjölk & grädde

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