Cocktails 4cl 125:- / 6cl 155:-

#MelloYello 2.0

A fine mix of sloe gin and genever topped with a black foam.

Tripple B

Berries, basil and bourbon.

Espresso Martini
As it is, or with a twist.


A stiffer classic for the bourbon lover.

Dr Mule
The Mule with a touch of Lund.

Mello Cobbler
Scotch, fresh fruit and juice. For those hot summer days..

Pink Pisco
South American classic with a twist.

Asian Lover
Rom, mango, lemon och coriander.. and a pinch of cinnamon.

Bitter Sweet
Apples and bitters in a refreshing mix.



Home made raspberry puré, flavoured rum, and a dash of 7up, tasty!

Elderflower Collins
Handpicked french liquidised elderflower, with gin and lemon.

Bloody Mary
The lifesaver for those days.

Bloody Mary
The lifesaver for those days.

The cuban classic.. Classic, raspberry or strawberry.

Frozen Margarita
Tequila Blanco, fruits & berries. Chose from raspberry, strawberry or lime.

Frozen Daiquiri
Rom Carta Blanca, fruits and berries. Chose from respberry, strawberry or lime.


Irish coffee
Jameson, farinsocker, kaffe & grädde

Kaffe Karlsson
Baileys, Cointreau, kaffe & grädde

Spanish coffee
Likör 43, kaffe & grädde

After Eight
Minttu, Kahlua, kaffe & grädde

Mexican coffee
Olmeca Tequila, Kahlua, kaffe & grädde

Kaffe Calypso
Bacardi Black, Kahlua, kaffe & grädde

Varma drinkar

Choko Minttu
Minttu, Eau de vie, chokladmjölk & grädde

Romerska Bågar
Baileys, Cointreu, chokladmjölk & grädde

Xanté, chokladmjölk & grädde

Cognac, chokladmjölk & grädde

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