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Garlic bread 42:-
Bread fried in garlic butter.

Parmesan bread 69:-
Bread fried in garlic butter topped with melted parmesan cheese.

Spring rolls 79:-
6 small vegetarian spring rolls served on a small cabbage salad flavored with coriander accompanied with two dipping sauces, teriyaki and sweet chili.

Carpaccio 125:-
Thin slices of beef served with rocket salad, grated parmesan, roasted pine nuts, olive oil, balsamico and lemon.

Chèvre toast 139:-
Honey baked goat’s cheese on a slice of homemade dark bread with a small salad of rocket salad, beetroot, roasted walnuts and balsamico.

Mello´s spicy shrimps 135:- 
Mello´s spicy shrimps gratinated in chili- & garlic butter. Served with sourdough bread and lemon

Toast Bengt 165:-
Grilled Swedish fillet of beef on a garlic butter fried piece of bread, served with creamed mushrooms, tomato, red onion, Dijon cream and rocket salad.

Prosciutto & Mozzarella 129:-
Thin slices of prosciutto served with mozzarella cheese, melon salad, balsamico and sourdough crisps.

Chosen delicacies 149:-
5 small delicacies from our kitchen! Perfect to split!
Prosciutto Italian Truffle salami
Spanish salami, Longaniza de Payes
Marinaded olives
Piece of cheese served with marmalade


Main Courses

Spicy lamb patty 179:-
Served with a potato compote of dried tomatoes, olives, peppers, carrots, sweet peas, feta cheese,
onions and parsley. Accompanied with tzatziki and red wine sauce.

Grilled Swedish Entrecoté 269:-
Swedish organic entrecotè with grilled point cabbage, Prosciutto chips, pickled red onion and red wine sauce.

Grilled Swedish beef tenderloin 295:-
Classic served with French fries, seasonal vegetables, red wine sauce and béarnaise sauce.

Grilled corn-fed chicken 179: –
Served with cream cheese flavored with herbs, oven baked garlic and fried potatoes. Accompanied with red wine sauce.

King size grill 289: –
For the hungry! 120g grilled chicken, 200g Iberico ribs and a 100g sirloin steak, served with potato wedges and a small green salad.
Accompanied with a béarnaise sauce, BBQ- sauce and  tzatziki.

Mello’s Iberico ribs 239: –
BBQ marinated baby back ribs served with BBQ sauce, coleslaw, grilled corn cob and a baked potato topped with butter.

Mello´s pasta 209: –
Casarecce with fine pieces of tenderloin, gremulata, zuccine, spring onion, sundried tomato and cherry tomatoes.
Topped with parmesan and rocket salad.

Cannelloni 179:-
Ricotta and spinach stuffed pasta rolls baked in our delicious sauce of tomatoes, white wine, cream, basil and garlic.
Topped with rocket salad, parmesan and a drizzle of walnut oil.

Honey baked salmon fillet 198:-
Served with a potato compote with fennel, carrots, onions, sweet peas, radishes and dill. Accompanied with a lemon hollandaise.

Mello`s creamy fish soup 209:-
Fine fresh pieces of fish and seafood in a lovely tomato base flavored with white wine, cream, root vegetables, fennel, thyme, saffron and Pernod. Served with saffron flavored aioli and sourdough bread.

Melloburger  189:-
200 g minced beef with cheddar cheese , caramelized onion, , tomato- & onion salad, our home made dressing and French fries.

Chiliburger 189:-
  200 g minced beef with cheddar cheese, salad, roasted pimentos de padrons, pickled red oninon, chipotle dressing and French fries.

Salad 179:-

Mixed green salad, tomato, pickled red onion, broccoli, croutons, roasted sunflower seeds, grated parmesan cheese and honey vinaigrette. Served with a lime- & chili aioli.

Choose from three toppings:

  • Grilled chicken breast and roasted bacon
  • Grilled halloumi cheese
  •  Vegetable steak or Quornfilé

Side salad  49:-
Three varieties of salad, tomato red onion, roasted sunflower seed, croutons. Served with our tasty honey vinaigrette.




Marängsviss 79:-
Klassiker med gammaldags vaniljglass, banan, maräng, vispgrädde och chokladsås.

Mello´s tartelette 85:-
Filled with vanilla cremé, lot of fresh berries and roasted coconut flakes.

Pannacotta 85: – 
Flavored with citrus. Served with oat crunch, raspberry sauce and fresh berries.

Truffle 39:-
Small but delicious! Homemade truffle on Valrhona chocolate.

Ice Cream / Sorbet

Vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream or today’s flavor of sorbet

1 scoop 25: – 2 scoops 35: – 3 scoops 45:-