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Kalix fish roe 198:-
Traditional Swedish roe platter, served with a
butter fried toast, finely chopped red onion,
sour cream and lemon.

Seafood risotto 129:-
A creamy and delicious risotto with mussels,
shrimps, parmesan and white wine.

Carpaccio 135:-
Thin slices of beef served with rocket salad,
grated parmesan, roasted pine nuts, olive
oil, balsamico and lemon.

Chosen delicacies 155:-
Small delicacies from our kitchen!
Perfect to share!
Two kinds of salami
Marinaded olives
Piece of cheese with marmalade

Fried pickled herring 129:-
Fried pickled herring on a slice of homemade
dark bread. Served with “hovmästarsås”,
green salad, red onion and a slice of lemon.

Chèvre toast 139:-
Honey baked goat’s cheese on a slice of
homemade dark bread with rocket salad,
beetroot, roasted walnuts and balsamico.

Mushroom- & Västerbotten pie 135:-
Pie made with Swedish Västerbottens
cheese and mushroom’s. Served with green
salad, horseradish dressing and deep fried

Toast Bengt 165:-
Grilled Swedish sirloin steak on a garlic
buttered fried piece of bread, served with
creamed mushrooms, tomato, red onion,
dijon cream and rocket salad.

Garlic bread 49:-
Bread fried in garlic butter, served with aioli.

Parmesan bread 69:-
Bread fried in garlic butter topped with
melted parmesan cheese.

Spring rolls 79:-
6 small vegetarian spring rolls served on a
small cabbage salad flavored with coriander
accompanied with two dipping sauces,
teriyaki and sweet chili.
Hungry for a piece of cheese? Ask the staff


Oven baked loin of cod 209:-
Served with potato puree, browned butter, grated horseradish,
Prosciutto chips and lemon.

Seafood risotto 209:-
A creamy and delicious risotto with mussels, shrimps, parmesan
and white wine.

Red dear patty 198:-
Served with root vegetables, a cream cheese with lingonberries
and a whiskey cream sauce.

Grilled fillet of reindeer 298:-
Served with a potato cake flavoured with parsley and
Västerbotten cheese. Accompanied with a ragout of cabbage,
bacon, apple and red wine sauce.

Biff Rydberg 249:-
Classic Swedish dish. Fine pieces of tenderloin with fried
potatoes and onions. Served with Dijon cream, grated horseradich
and raw egg yolk.

Grilled corn-fed chicken 195:-
Served with potato puree accompanied with a ragout of pork
belly, mushroom, onion, carrots, parsnip and red wine sauce.

Grilled Swedish beef tenderloin 295:-
A classic served with French fries, easy fried French beans, red
wine sauce and béarnaise sauce.

Cannelloni 189:-
Ricotta and spinach stuffed pasta rolls baked in our delicious
tomatoe sauce, white wine, cream, basil and garlic. Topped
with rocket salad, parmesan and a drizzle of walnut oil.

Mello`s creamy fish soup 215:-
Fine fresh pieces of fish and seafood in a lovely tomato base
flavored with white wine, cream, root vegetables, fennel, thyme,
saffron and Pernod. Served with saffron flavored aioli and sourdough

Melloburger 189:-
200g minced beef with cheddar cheese,
caramelized onion, tomato- & onion
salad, our home made dressing and
French fries.

Chiliburger 189:-
200g minced beef with cheddar
cheese, sambal oelek, salad, roasted
pimentos de padrons, pickled red oninon
with apple and chili, chipotle dressing
and French fries.

Salad 179:-
Mixed green salad, tomato, pickled red
onion, broccoli, croutons, roasted sunflower
seeds, grated parmesan cheese
and honey vinaigrette. Served with a
lime- & chili aioli.
Choose from four toppings:
• Grilled chicken breast and roasted
• Goat cheese gratinated with honey
• Vegan based veggie patty
• Quornfilé
Side salad 49:-
Three varieties of salad, tomato



Bluberry Pie 79:-
Lukewarm bluberry pie with vanilla ice cream.
Crème brûlée 79:-
Flavored with cinnamon and cardamom.
Served with a scoop of apple sorbet.
Chocolate fondant 89:-
Served with caramel sauce, salted peanuts and
fresh berries.
Truffle 39:-
Small but delicious! Homemade truffle of Valrhona chocolate.