English menu


Garlic bread 50:-
Bread fried in garlic butter, served with aioli.

Nachos 98:-
Hot corn chips gratinated with melted cheddarcheese and parmesan. Topped with pickled red
onion and fresh jalapeños. Served with salsa and aioli.

Olives 65:-
Green Mammouth olives and Kalamata olives
and Nocellare olives marinated in species and garlic .

Prosciutto 75:-
Thin slices of Prosciutto, a drizzle of olive oil andgrated parmesan.

Salami and Torresznillos 75:-
Two chosen salami`s and crispy spiced pork rinds.

Cheese from “Osthuset” 75:-
Two pieces of cheese from our friends across thestreet.



Kalix fish roe 198:-
Traditional Swedish dish, served with a butter fried
toast, finely chopped red onion, sour cream and lemon.

Moules Marinières 149: –
Blue mussels cooked in a base of white wine, cream, fennel, carrots, garlic and chilli. Served
with sourdough bread.

Blackened halibut 115:-
Served with Jerusalem artichoke puree and roasted pork belly.

Mushroom risotto 129:-
A creamy and delicious risotto with parmesan, white wine and mixed mushrooms

Carpaccio 139:-
Thin slices of beef served with rocket salad,grated parmesan, roasted pine nuts,
olive oil, balsamico and lemon.


 Main Courses 

Oven baked loin of cod 235:-
Served with potato puree, browned butter, grated horseradish, Prosciutto chips and lemon.

Grilled fillet of ren deer 315:-
Served with crispy potato croquettes flavored with Västerbotten chesse and chanterelles.
Accompanied with roasted parsley, dried cranberries and red wine sauce.

Wild boar stew 195: –
Sautéed wild boar from Scania in a creamy stew made of cream and Guinness. Chopped apple,
bacon and lingonberries on the top. Served with potato puree.

Corn-fed chicken 229:-
Served with a creamy risotto with parmesan, white wine and mixed mushrooms. Accompanied
with pickled carrots and red wine sauce.

Grilled Swedish beef tenderloin 315:-
A classic served with crispy French fries, easy fried French beans, red wine sauce and
béarnaise sauce.

Casareccia 189:-
Pasta Casareccia with chanterelles and mushrooms in a truffle flavoured mushroom
velouté. Accompanied with grated parmesan and fried curly.

Moules Frites 198: –
 Blue mussels cooked in a base of white wine, cream, fennel, carrots, garlic and chilli.
Served with crispy French fries and aioli.


Mello Burger 195:-
200g minced beef with cheddar cheese, pickled red onion, pickled gherkin, tomato- & onion salad,
our homemade dressing and crispy French fries.

Yello Burger winter -20 195:-
200g minced beef with cheddar cheese, caramelized onion, creamed mushrooms,
sweet potato chips, truffle mayonnaise and crispy French fries.

Vegan Burger 189:-
200g Homemade vegetable steak, pickled red onion, pickled gherkin, tomato- and onion salad,
roasted corn cream, and crispy French fries.

Mello´s Caesar salad 179:-
Grilled chicken file with roasted bacon, salad, chopped tomatoes, grated parmesan, croutons
and classic Caesar dressing.

Mello´s vegan Caesar salad 169:-
Homemade vegetable steak with salad, chopped tomatoes, croutons and vegan Caesar dressing.



Spiced and baked apple 79:-
Filled with almond paste flavored with cinnamon, cardamom and clove.
Served with whipped custard and salt roasted almonds.

Crème Brûlée 69:-
Flavored with citrus and vanilla.

Truffle 45:-
Small but delicious! Homemade truffle of Valrhona chocolate.

Ice Cream / Sorbet
Vanilla ice cream / chocolate ice cream / apple
sorbet / lemon sorbet
Choose 2 kinds for 55:- or 3 kinds for 65:-